Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by day boarding school?
The concept of Day boarding came from boarding at a place for the day time i.e. staying in school till early evening. In day boarding scholars are served the Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshment in the School Mess. We might extend our school into full boarding by July.
What is the meaning of word International?
Initially, the management planned of setting up the International School with Cambridge Board of UK but seeing over to the cost of books and their high fee structure we switched over to CBSE. But still the school is preparing its scholars and maintaining the International Standards of Education further by 2014 we will possibly open an International School.
What are the International Standards?
Standards like centralized AC Infrastructure maximum 30 scholars in each class, latest technology enabled classrooms, scope of using majority of teaching aids, establishing the Wi-Fi campus, use of Laptops by all starting from Grade 1, teaching of more n more foreign languages like at present we have opted for German & very soon we will be adding Spanish & Mandarin/Chinese. Touch screen digital reference software any scholar can refer any subject any topic in an easily understood 3D animated form. {Ask parents to have a look over this facility of ours}. Above all our school scholars will have their personal Insurance etc.
What type of food we will provide?
We will be providing all kinds of food in a clean & hygienic mess ranging from Punjabi to Chinese, Continental to South Indian, some meals will contain bakery products as well but all purely vegetarian and scholars are served aqua guard RO cooled water. All meals served will constitutes of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Minerals. Scholars are trained & given practice to eat in an executive manner with fork & knife under the Table Manners & Etiquettes classes.
What are facilities in school?
Academically: We have already adopted the CBSE's CCE Curriculum framed last year from Grade 1 onwards, which prepare child in all spheres as it includes Project or Activity based learning. In the activity classes scholar's are having the spoken English classes, classical & western blended dance forms, dining manner, gesture & posture, using their artistic & imaginative mind in Art/Craft, classrooms, learn the Math calculations in a easier Chinese manner through Abacus, Yoga & Meditation, study tours, exchange programme. Infrastructural: e-library with Internet facility, lush green lawns, three big play grounds, pollution free environ, ideally suited for learning, Audio-Visual Room for interactive learning , we also have chess, taekwondo etc. the toddlers have the AC with LCD in classrooms, Educational toys even the teddy's to play with, full recreational room named as Play Station.
Which board we are following?
We follow the CBSE's, New Delhi newly introduced CCE curriculum from Grade 1st to Grade 10th. Already one session of CCE curriculum has effectively taken place last year i.e. one batch of Grade 9th.
What are the admission criteria in your school?
Nursery to KG admission is given on producing birth certificate. Class I to IX admission is given after conducting a WAP (Written – Aptitude – Personality) Test followed by production of previous schools TC and Mark sheet. Tests are conducted in the following subjects like English, Math, Science & Current Affairs.
What is the meaning of Annual Charges? What all kind of fee comes into?
Annual charge include various charges, like Examination charge, medical charges, Annual Photos, School Almanac etc. and various other charges which are compulsory in the school and required toward the expenditure for a year.
Does the School have a Hostel Facility for Boys/Girls?
Hostel Facility is our next plan which is to come up by July 2011 but this Session we will only be having Hostel for the Boys with maximum occupancy of 48 scholars. The hostel will comprise of 4 bedded Air Conditioned rooms with attached Bathroom and Toilet. It also has a Swimming Pool, Horse Riding etc. Map has already got approval by town planning authority; construction is going at its swing.
What is the School strength?
Currently we have 550 scholars & in one class we go for maximum of 30–35 scholars this gives a full chance to a teacher to emphasize on personal & academic performance of each child in the class. This is possible because the children stay in the same group for three to six years and much of the teaching comes from the children and the environment.
What we will do for weaker scholars?
After every assessment a list is prepared to check for those scholars who have scored lesser grades as per our expectation and level and needs improvement. Further these scholars' are given extra remedial classes under the vigilance and guidance of trained mentors in group of 5-7 scholars. But without parents support nothing is possible.
What about scholars not speaking in English?
We conduct a regular 40 minutes class of spoken English, Accent & attitude class for all where children are prepared through role play, enactment of the given topics & also the personality grooming class are arranged from time to time. In addition to it school emphasize on Debate, Quizzes', Elocutions and many more activities to enhance the communication skills of the individual.
Is the School Faculty from outside Sagar?
Most of the senior teachers belong to Dehradun, Kerala, Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana, Gwalior, Jhansi etc. and only the lower classes teachers are from the region.
What about Parent's Meeting?
Parents' are welcomed in school to meet the Principal between 10:30 am to 12:30 on all working days with prior appointment and meeting with faculty members is possible only after Principal's consent that too after school hours. Otherwise, 6 PES's (Parents-Educators-Scholars) meet are arranged in one year. For Mont Classes every Saturday parents can come and discuss their problems with their wards educator between 09:00 am to 11:00 pm. For any important announcement school uses it SMS service with the ID SMS: ID- DM-040070 to inform parents.
What makes Greatmen stand apart?

Greatmen stands apart from all other schools of the region because: -

  • Centralized AC Structure
  • Stress Free Education with NO BAG concept {first in the region}
  • Computer Education by Laptops in Audio Visual Room
  • Holistic Global Exposure
  • Trained, highly qualified, experienced and efficient staff
  • Lush Green Pollution Free Campus
  • Air Conditioned Class with  LCD & Play Station in Nursery Wing
  • 30 scholars per section in Nursery
  • 40 scholars per section in Senior Grades
  • Deutsche Language {German} from primary classes
  • State-of-the-art Well Stocked Resource Centre {Library}
  • Creative and conceptual classrooms.
  • Emphasis on innate skills of every child
  • Teaching through integration of subject matter with technology
  • Learning through audio-visuals and other teaching aids
  • An interesting plethora of co-curricular activities
  • Equal emphasis on academics, sports and cultural activities
  • Multi-activity resource centre, child centered approach
  • Ideal educator section ratio of 1:2
  • Well-modulated curriculum for all-round development
  • Creative corner in each class, emphasis on class tests and oral skills
  • Play-way methodology of teaching tiny-tots
  • Scholarship for meritorious scholars
  • High Stress on English Conversation
  • Conduction of Annual Summer Carnival in the month of May
  • Backlog classes for the slow learners
  • In-school Revision during exam days
  • Project Based Learning Techniques
    • Weekly Assignments / Worksheets
    • Holiday Worksheets during Summers
    • Deepawali Holiday Projects
    • GINSOS Daily Report during Winters
Why is the School Fee higher when compared to other Schools?
The school fee is no way higher in comparison to other schools of the reason that those are the Day schools and our is Day Boarding where the children are served three meals in a day along with the revision or coaching classes charges of parents in other school is taken care by our school.
How much is the parent responsible for the child's academics after admission in day boarding like ours?
We do take care of the child in all aspects i.e. his academics, revision, preparation for the examinations but still the parents are not set free as the child has taken their primary or middle class education from various schools which has weakens them in some way or the other in one or more subjects. But still are efforts are there of 100% next is the time which we look for and the child's zeal to overcome his/her shortcomings.
How many Classes is having the DIGI Classes, further what are the future plans?
Currently the school has a DIGI class setup in one of its Resource Centre but in future we might go upto 2 more classes. In addition to it, since our primary section is equipped with the LCD's and same is the Books we recommend for course is consisting of the CD's so we make a ample use of these teaching aids and make the classroom teaching more interactive in a animated or play way method for middle class teaching.
How many classes have Air Conditioners?
Currently the school has AC's in the Nursery Class but in the next session the plans are for installing it in the whole Primary Wing i.e. Nursery, LKG & UKG.
What is the setup of the Games facilities (Indoor or Outdoor) for the Primary Class Kids?
Currently we are having the OK play's Play Station which is kept outside in the lawn for the children and for the indoor games we have Games, Rhymes CD to be played through LCD.
What is the meeting time for the parents with the Subject Teachers for their Childs Performance?
Firstly as mentioned earlier school organizes 6 PES meets in a session that too after every Assessment but if still the requirement arises you can approach the school office mention the cause of meeting and after Principal's consent you will be allowed to meet the subject educator but only after 4 p.m.
How much is the Increment of Fee (in between or after the session)?
Our school plays are very fair deal with all its parents and never ask for the fee hike in between of the session but in this Meal charges are always set apart as it's a consumable charge and fluctuate with the market price. Otherwise there will be 10-15% fee hike every year.
What if the child doesn't eat anything or is adamant to eat vegetable or dal or else(not wishing to eat)?
As school is considered to be the place for learning; in the same context their comes few case who initially faces the problem of consuming all sets of food served but they learn to adopt through their peer pressure till date we have managed to change so many scholar's with meals disorder.
What about the Extra Classes for Senior Classes? Bus facility is available or not?
School do arrange few extra classes for seniors from time to time as required and for the same the parents are informed well in advance to arrange the pick-up and drop but still the parents have the freedom to contact their bus vendor to pick and drop the child as you have paid them the monthly fee for the bus.
What about the Safety of the girl child?
There is no special or specific point of the safety of the girl child we take proper care of each and child in our school.
What if we require Admission in the school only for the Academics but the child will carry Lunch Box from home and will not have any meals?
The school strictly follows the Day Boarding Concept with No Bag No Homework it means that the child comes empty stomach and empty hand to school and get fills himself or herself with our academics and meals.
What about carrying of the School bag home on daily basis?
Since mentioned earlier school strictly follows the Day Boarding Concept with No Bag No Homework therefore it becomes impossible for us to send bag on daily basis but during the Assessment time your ward will carry full bag for the revision and also on every Saturday and before every holiday(s) they are allowed to carry whole bag home.Upto where Grade 9th and 10th is concerned they can carry whole bag as per their will and need.
What about the Short duration of the school timings for their ward?
The school timing is set as per the day boarding environment which enables the school to take care of their revision and homework completion. So their stands no point for the short timings.
What about the conduction of Extra Curricular Activities in School?
The school carries too many Extra Curricular Activities in and around the classes including Student Parliament Session, Green Earth Venture, Anti Polybag Campaign, Weekly Assignment Sheets, Holiday Assignment Sheets.
What care is being given in case if the child is not keeping a good health during School hours?
School always goes for the first aid to the child but rarely gives any tablet sort of medicine it's always the ointment or band-aid to be applied on the wound or the balm for headache or any other body ache and maximum is the Pudin-Hara for stomach ache. Any health issue beyond this is referred to the parent through a call made to them. If any case of injury while playing the child is taken to nearest Nursing Home i.e. Narayan Hospital and at the same time parents are called up to take over the responsibility of their child. Our all children are medically insured therefore any parent who goes on for any medical treatment can claim the bills through us.
What transport facilities are provided to students?
School doesn't have their own Buses but has 17 attached buses & 4-5 Magic (Only for Montessori Scholar's) that are running in different routes of Sagar our buses goes upto Banda & Garhakota.